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meet the "swat" team

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Safe Way Auto Transport Founders

Frank & Linda Keichline


Safe Way was founded by Frank and Linda Keichline who have both been out on the road transporting vehicles for most of their career. In October of 2022, Frank & Linda  sold Safe Way to Paul Mullen, a close family friend. Paul also is head of the Fleet - DOT & IT Support departments for a nationwide telecom company. Frank, Linda, and Paul understand firsthand what it means and what it takes to safely transport a vehicle across the country. 

Frank says:

"Years ago the wide-spread adoption of "the computer" ruined our business and we looked around for something "computer-proof' - It has worked pretty well: You still cannot fax a car."

Linda Says:

"After driving over a million miles together, all 48 lower states, my husband and I decided that our concerns for my parents’ care required us to be more available locally.  We decided transport brokering would still keep us in the game we love."

Safe Way Auto Transport Employee

Ray Leach

Dispatch & Customer Service

Ray will most likely be your first point of ‘contact’ when you call the SWAT Team. He has been our chief Dispatch person for more than 15 years. None better! The SWAT Team knew what an ‘essential worker’ was way before COVID 19 – Thank you Ray, couldn’t do it without you.

Ray says:

"Let US help YOU  feel more at ease with your vehicle transport across the country. We will keep you informed from the time of pick up until the delivery."

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