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Questions are always welcome

1. Do you have a guarantee?

You may cancel at any time for any reason, no questions asked:

  • If you cancel before we have scheduled the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle, all monies will be refunded minus a 2% credit card fee, if applicable.

  • To best serve our customers, we use the best transporters in the business. We must compensate transporters for shipments they schedule through us that are subsequently cancelled. Therefore, if you cancel after your vehicle has been scheduled for transport, there will be a $200.00 cancellation fee assessed.

So, as you can see, shipping your vehicle with Safe Way Auto Transport is

2. How long will it take? 

If at all possible, we would like at least a one week advance notice and a three business day window for pickup. However if your circumstances require an immediate pickup or a pickup on a particular day, in most cases we can accommodate your needs at an additional cost. With the above notice typically your transit time frame should be some where between 7 and 14 days. Depending on your individual move the transit time may be shorter. If you require a faster transit, we have an expedited service at an additional cost.

3. what type of trucks are used?

In most circumstances we will use an eight to ten car auto transporter. This is the same type of truck you see delivering vehicles to new car dealerships. These trucks are 75 feet long, weigh close to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, and are close to 14 feet high. It is therefore extremely difficult, and in some cases illegal, (due to weight and size constraints of the roads) for these trucks to access residential areas. Please keep this in mind when directing the truck to your home or the place you will meet them.

4. where will my vehicle be picked up?

The driver will pick up your vehicle from your door, or as close as physically possible while maintaining driver safety and the safety of the other vehicles on the transporter. If it is determined that the driver can not get to your door due to weight and size constraints, low hanging trees, or low bridges, the driver will make arrangements to pick up your vehicle from a local parking lot that is accessible by the transporter and convenient for you.

5. will my car be delivered to a terminal?

We prefer to give our customers door to door service. Normally the truck and driver that picks up your vehicle will be the one that delivers it to you. However, in some cases it is necessary to use a local terminal for pick up or delivery, depending on our customers time constraints.

6. what is the process start to finish?

Once you place your order and submit paperwork, the transport of your vehicle will be scheduled according to the dates on your shipping order. After a truck has been assigned, you will receive a call from our dispatcher or the driver to schedule the pick up time and date. When the driver picks up your vehicle he will do a detailed inspection of your vehicle on the bill of lading. You both will sign it and you will receive a copy. The same bill of lading will be present on delivery so you can re-inspect the vehicle. The driver should call you 12 to 24 hours in advance to schedule an approximate time for delivery. It is very unlikely that your vehicle will be damaged. If damage should occur, please be sure to note it on the delivery bill of lading and have the driver sign it. Claims cannot be processed by the carrier’s insurance company if damage is not noted at time of delivery.

7. can i put anything in my trunk?

Yes, you are allowed to put up to 100 pounds of personal belongings in your vehicle. It must be confined to the trunk area and must be well secured. All personal items in the vehicle are placed there at the owners risk; they are not covered by trucking insurance. We do not recommend packing electronics, breakable or valuable items.

8. what forms of payment are accepted?

If you pay in full with your transport order, you can use almost any payment method you choose (ie:  Most credit cards, money orders, or any type of certified funds).  If you choose to pay the driver upon delivery (or pick up) the total amount will be due COD (upon delivery in form of cash or Cashier’s Check, please check with our office for the correct amount).  No other form of payment can be accepted on delivery.  If you wish to make payment in full on your credit card, it will have to be paid, in advance, when you submit your order, or once your vehicle is picked up and on the truck.  There is a 2% convenience fee for using a credit card.  We also accept Venmo, Zelle and Cash App, with no fee.  Payment in full is required prior to unloading your vehicle.

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